How to find maps

You can browse all our maps in the order they were uploaded by scrolling down the list and  then going back to earlier pages

Or you can use the search facility at the uper right of the sreen

 Or you can use our categories classification which presents the maps by region.

 The sub divisions are arbitrary and approximate:

 For Australia :   ” Regions” applies to maps covering areas smaller than states.

                             “States” applies to  maps covering whole states or bigger parts of the continent

                            ” Continent ” applies to maps covering the whole of Australia or Australasia, including New Zealand and New Guinea

 “East Indies”       maps include at least part of Australia, with lands to the West of Australia such as South Est Asia, especially Indonesia, or the Indian Ocean.

Pacific Ocean”    maps includes Australia and New Zealand (in nearly all cases). They can cover the whole Pacific or just the South West.

Pacific Islands”  maps exclude Australia, New Zealand, Japan Taiwan and the Philippines

Europe is subdivided arbitrarily and  it is worth checking whether the map you are seeking has been placed in an adjacent subdivision:

                               “British Isles”, which includes maps covering Ireland

                              “Mediterranean” which includes all the European lands with a border on that sea (including France) and Portugal

                               “Russia” which includes  all the countries of the former Russian Empire including the Baltic  Republics

                               “Central and Northern” covers Belgium, Switzerland and all countries not covered in the other European subdivisions.

Asia ia also subdivided arbitrarily into:

                             ” North and East Asia”  consists of Japan, China, Kore and Mongolia

                             “South  Asia” consists of the Indian sub continent and Indian Ocean (unless Australia appers on the map, inwhich case it is in “East Indies”)

                           ” South East Asia” Consists of Burma the Asian countries  to its East (unleess Australia appers on the map, inwhich case it is in “East Indies”)

Middle East” stretches from Morocco to Iran and includes Turkey in Asia